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Welcome to the Jaffna Hindu College Old Boys Association United Kingdom (JHC OBA UK) website. Etched in all of our minds are the distant memories that were created when we attended our beloved Alma Mater. This site has been created for members of JHC OBA to reminisce, re-live moments from the younger years and catch up with old school friends from Jaffna Hindu College. JHC OBA UK proudly celebrates its 27th year of running and its membership is open to all past students and staff living in the UK. This site is a showcase for all current events, news and activities of JHC OBA (UK).

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Mrs Jeyamanohari Kanagasundram

Our JHCOBA(UK)'s long standing life member and "inthuvin

Jolly Vibe 2015

Jolly Vibe 2015, proudly presented by Jolly Stars Sports

திரு வல்லிபுரநாதன் தீபராஜ்

மீளாத்துயிலில் தீபராஜ்....!

The 125th Anniversary stamp is here!

JHC-OBA (UK) releases commemorative stamp to celebrate 12

சித்திரைத் திருவிழா 2015

யாழ் இந்துக்கல்லூரியின் 125 ஆம் ஆண்டு நிறைவை முன்னிட்டு க

President at Mahadeva Padipaham

யாழ் இந்துக்கல்லூரி பழைய மாணவர் சங்க ஐ.இ கிளையின் ஆதரவுடன


Jolly Star Cricket Festival

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